We went to Colorado for vacation this year and met up with my side of the family. Colorado tends to be the location of choice for family vacations just because it's the most convenient for most of my family, but I don't mind because I have so many fond memories from vacations spent there as a kid. This trip, we decided to rent a cabin near the mountains for a few days. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it was nice just spending time together as a family without the normal, day-to-day distractions. I didn't take too many pictures other than when we went for a hike and when my sister and brother-in-law modeled for me. If you want to see some pictures of the stunning couple, you can check them out here. 

The hike we did was absolutely beautiful. It ran along the Royal Gorge canyon and had stunning views. There were also some caves at the beginning of the hike that were pretty cool. The trail itself was flat, which was nice because my niece was with us and I was carrying Gabby on my back. Even with the easy trail, it took us forever to even make it to the halfway point because we kept stopping to take pictures and had a snack break. Andy also decided to try flying the drone, which was awesome....until it crashed into the side of the mountain. Luckily it flew into the mountain next to us, and not the ones on the other side of the gorge. Jacob, my brother-in-law, was able to safely retrieve it from the cactus it had landed in and thankfully, the drone was okay other than a chipped propellor. We got some good footage out of it though, including the crash! Below are some of the photos from our hike, feel free to check them out. :)