2017 Favorites

This last year was one full of new experiences, growth, challenging fears and self doubt, and becoming a stronger person and artist through it all. I started the year with certain expectations as I'm sure we all do, and exceeded some, but fell short on others. I have learned to stop focusing so much on doing things "the right way," and figure out what works for me. As the new year approaches, I want to encourage you all to evaluate why you are doing the things you are doing and ask yourself if it aligns with your core beliefs, or if you're just going along with what everyone else does. The photos I've included in this blog post are my favorites from this past year. They might not be perfectly in focus or follow all the photography rules, but they make me feel something, and that's why I love them. I've also realized that I have an obsession with black and white photos. :) I am so thankful for the clients who trusted me, and the friends and family who were willing to be vulnerable in front of a camera when I asked them to. I hope you like these photos even a fraction as much as I do. Enjoy!